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    Default Mars Toys 1/6-scale Heisenberg Say My Name Costume / Head set

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    Body not included

    $119-$121 USD looks to be the going rate
    drop is set for Q4 2020

    -A crafted head sculpt
    -A pair of silver frames
    -A black zipper coat
    -A newly cut blue long-sleeved shirt
    -A fit body fat shirt (fake belly)
    -A pair of black leather shoes
    -A leather belt
    -A pair of brown-grey trousers
    -A leather hand-sewn handbag
    -Five packs of blue powder
    -Ten stacks of gold coins
    -Exclusive puppet floor
    -A pistol
    -A replacement magazine

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    Pretty nice looking set (and recast head), but I wouldn't expect the production paint job to look nearly that good.

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    Whatever there is to say about the recasted sculpt, that tailoring actually looks great. Prototype of course however.

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    Thought the price point was reasonable for what you get, hopefully the end result looks as nice!

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    I may grab this, but I wish companies would just add the body in. If you're charging $120 for the set, just add a body and make it $150? OSK and TNS recommend different bodies, TNS says B001, I don't even know what that is.

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    It's from Dragon, looks like a "slim build" figure and you pretty much nailed the cost. I had a spare 3A body that might work, gotta measure it before just ordering the kit.

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    If the paint and tailoring look as good as the pictures, I think this could be a great pickup for those who are missing a Walt in their collection.

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    Have to say this is pretty cool looking. Tempting.

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    Great! Yes I wish they just added a body and made it $200 …..still getting this. Iconic character. Brilliant series.

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