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    Default Re: Sideshow Spider-Man vs Venom maquette

    Exclusive a must. Preorder 1st day

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    Quote Originally Posted by filip629 View Post
    Looks solid. My need for a versus dio began and ended with the HULK vs Wolverine MAQ. I always look forward to seeing more but that's the only one I'll ever need and have in my collection.
    I slightly second this. Not because I don't want more, but because they've failed to deliver on character and design. I know Wolv/Hulk dio was two elite characters, but 1st time used together. Bat/Sup and this one, are retread characters in retread dioramas. Meh

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    That ex head looks a bit weird to me. Like he has a massive overbite or something. Need to see more pics for proper judgment.

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    Awesome! I'll be all over this one, very excited.

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    This looks so good! I'm glad I waited on the most recent Spider-man premium format. This is a day one for me.

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    Not wowed by this one at all. Guessing it is the pose, but not sure exactly...

    Really wish someone would do a full-on Mark Bagley style Spidey vs. Venom statue, or interlocking
    Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage pieces to form a diorama... that would be my dream piece, right there.

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    Just needs some mods...

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    Venom looks good, i like both portraits, not sure if I like Spidey though. I need to see more pictures of it.

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    what scale will this be in ?

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