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    Default Re: Attaching 3rd party head.

    There are these neck ring things too:


    I need to order some to have on hand, there's some sets sellers have of neck pegs etc but usually don't include that ring. I have no idea why Toys Era wouldn't include it, it's annoying lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukefett View Post
    There are these neck ring things too. I have no idea why Toys Era wouldn't include it, it's annoying lol.
    Agreed. Don't say it will fit most HT bodies if I have track down some random piece to make that happen. I tried to find a stateside retailer for those to no avail.

    Quote Originally Posted by IANR View Post
    i would go with no neck adaptor & stabilize with poster tack until you dress it & see if neck needs to be cut all the best
    Yeah, now having more clarity around the different kinds of plugs that are out there, I don't believe it needs to be cut. I ordered these which should arrive Saturday to see if those will work. Otherwise everything else is like a month's shipping time out of HK.

    EDIT: Found a neck ring here on the Bay. So hopefully my bases are covered either way.
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