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    Default Sort of a new collector and new here

    Hi everyone!

    Own some Sideshow pieces; Cobra Commander, the Emperor (still in the box, been undecided), Darth Vader (not sure which one, I no longer have the box due to a fire), and I just got C3PO. I've been wanting to purchase lots of these over the years, but have only recently decided to go for it. Short term plans are to get an R2 when it becomes available, Stormtrooper(s), Royal Guard if they are still out there, Fett when he becomes available and Carbonite Han. I have always collected Gi Joe, Transformer, Star Wars, etc. Also recently bought two of my all favorite pieces, the Toys Alliance Optimus Prime and Megatron.

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    I keep seeing "Hidden Content" links in forum posts, including the one you just posted in response to me. I understand that this is content that I am not allowed to view until I have 10 posts or more, though how come it displays on some posts and not others? OR is this the signature that is being hidden?


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    Hello and to the show!

    After 30 days and you have 20 or more posts you'll become a full member you should be able to see "Hidden content".

    Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions that I may be able to help out with.

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    Hidden Content
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    Is the hidden content just signatures, just curious...

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