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    Default Think we may possibly see an upgraded NECA Pamela Voorhees (Ultimate) one day?

    I really like the Ultimate upgrades NECA has been doing of their characters. I can only hope to see Ultimate Loomis, Maybe Ultimate Creeper or Jigsaw....or even Pumpkinhead. One I really would like to see is Mrs. Voorhees. Their initial offering is showing its age. Think we might see her one day after all the litigation ends?

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    They might have already created it since Randy said they had planned on releasing a 40th anniversary box set of some kind before the legal issues stopped that.

    If it has not been made yet they would need to obtain the likeness rights from Betsy Palmers estate since she died about 5 years ago. I dont see why they would release every version of Jason and not do the killer from the original. It would leave a strange hole in the collection.

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    If this lawsuit fiasco ever ends, it would be amazing to get Pamela in the ultimate line.

    Unfortunately Randy has shot this down multiple times since they don't have her likeness rights. When they made the SDCC retro version the likeness rights were a one time deal before Betsy Palmer passed. I have a feeling once the lawsuit is over and they can resume making new figures, it will be just more Jason's first. Which is fine, Randy made it clear they want to make them all and they will probably be worth the excruciating wait. My hope is that once they've come close to completing the series, they will realize that Part one needs to be represented and a new deal can be made to get her in the ultimate format.

    Unless they already had her in the works as a surprise for that unrevealed anniversary set that had to be cancelled. IIRC, it was to have multiple figures and a diorama element of some kind.

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    Thats what I remember too. It reminds me of the 25th anniversary set they did in 2005 which had Pamela, sack head Jason and the decapitated head alter.

    I honestly cant think of another iconic Friday the 13th thing to include as a diorama besides that alter and a lake dock which they have already done. The only other figures I can think of to be included would be kid Jason and Alice, and Alice seems like a long shot.

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    As long as the estate of Palmer can agree to a deal without getting money hungry they can do it. To be fair though, I just want to finish my F13 NECA collection and move on. I hate the lack of exploration of licenses. I could not give a rats ass about the conjuring line. Those movies sucked ass. I think trick or treat studios, assuming they continue to advance and create figures we haven't gotten previously might be more what I am looking for. I have no need for almost anything Neca does anymore.

    My goal is to have my F13 setup finished so I can move on from Neca. I HATE TMNT.....

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