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    Default FS PF Sideshow Court Of The Dead Statues

    Hello, I have for sale 7 Premium Format COTD statues from Sideshow(the other 4 I will list later). I will list them below with their corresponding editions and prices. All figures have been displayed for about 6 months and then placed back into their original boxes. The figures have not been displayed in direct sunlight, they were in display cases in my den down stairs in a smoke free house. Prices are firm and I am not considering trades at the moment. I have more COTD figures that I will list later.

    **I am willing to split shipping costs with the buyer IF located within Canada or the U.S**

    1- Shard Mourner Fidelis PF figure- 90/100 $1200 U.S
    2- Xiall bust- 130/400 $900 U.S
    3- Xiall PF Figure-1110/2000 $1800 U.S

    **To Come**

    4- Cleopsis
    5- Kier Exclusive (new version)
    6- Galavarbe Exclusive (new version)
    7- Gethsemoni Exclusive (new version)

    All figs are in mint condition with NO, breaks, scratches, fading, missing pieces, rips or cracks. They all come with there original boxes as well as the original brown packer box, If I've missed anything or you would like some questions answered please just PM me, as well I have various pics of each figure just to many to list, thanks.

    **I accept Paypal only as it protects both of us**

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