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    Default TWD's Daryl Dixon - bust

    Fantasy Toys
    The Walking Dead - 1/2 bust of Daryl Dixon

    The bust is 40cm in size. His whole body is made of silica gel*. The make-up for his face is all hand-painted - the hair (head, face, body) is all implanted one-by-one by hand. We have made the clothes to be as much of an exact match to the character as we can, and they have been specially crafted to fit the body of the figure perfectly.
    *We use medical silica gel. It is harmless to human body and can be preserved for a long time without deformation, yellowing and other damages.


    Daryl Dixon?s finished figure, clothes, and a limited number certificate.
    For Sale: Limited number: 20
    Full price: $1140.
    Special price of $990 if ordered from April 15, 2020 until April 30, 2020. (payment plan can be arranged)

    Delivery: EMS or DHL will be used for international deliveries.


    Each individual figure will be completed within 35 days of purchase. Delivery times may vary, depending on the delivery service.


    PM if you would like more details!

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    Damn! That's an amazing piece and great price! If you do a Negan in 1/1 scale, I'll be 1st in line!

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