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    Default Salutations Folks :-)

    Hello folks, I'd like to start by explaining how I found this forum, because I do have some questions about it.

    I was originally searching on google to see if there were forums or sites for people who perform side show acts, and this site was at the top of the search.

    So far I cannot find anything that suggests this site hosts these sorts of discussions. I was interested to find that type of forum because I have one side show talent that is rare, and made popular by the street magician "David Blane". It was his episode where he learned to "Waterspout", which is basically ingesting ginormous amounts of water, then shoot it back out like a hose. This is something I can do, and I can't find too many others who do this, so I thought if I found a "side show" forum, I might find others who can do this.

    Anyways, my name is Bruce, I live in Georgia, kinda close to Atlanta, I'm 36. If anyone can clearify for me if this is the appropriate site to discuss such things, or not. Thank you.

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    welcome !

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    Hello and to the show!

    Sorry that this forum isn't what you were originally looking for. Not sure where you'd find that kind of forum except keep looking at the interwebs.

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