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    Default Custom Kryptonian key chain

    Hello community,

    What is the best , most reliable way to customize the Hot Toys Man of Steel small Kryptonian key , so that it has either a rope / chain ?

    I don?t prefer a normal thread because it can get easily lost.

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    Any help please ?

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    When I had one, I used a push-pin to make a hole in it. I slowly pushed and turned at the same time to "drill" the hole. I went a little on one side, then again on the opposite. Once finished, I put a VERY small dab of super glue to help reinforce the back side of where I made the hole. I used string however not a chain. I think it's too small to be able to loop a chain through.
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    Thank you for your response,

    Do you have a photo maybe it can give me an idea ?

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