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    Default Birds of Prey - 1/6th scale Harley Quinn (Caution Tape Jacket Version)

    “I'm the one they should be scared of. Not you. Not Mr. J.” – Harley Quinn

    Who needs The Joker? After breaking up with her puddin, our totally insane and downright dangerous Harley Quinn leaves plenty of the past behind, returns to the big screen with a whole new gang, takes on new challenges in the crime-ridden Gotham City featuring things that she would never expect.

    Carried on the craziness in her outfit to Birds of Prey, Hot Toys’ brand new 1/6th scale Harley Quinn (Caution Tape Jacket Version) collectible figure does not only includes Harley Quinn’s newest attire, the Wings Caution Tape Jacket with colorful fringes patterns, but also another delicate set of iconic costume as seen when she storms the police station, allowing fans to show off with Harley’s unique wardrobe.

    Crafted with meticulous craftsmanship, the collectible figure features a newly developed head sculpt highlighting amazing likeness of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey, a Caution Tape Jacket with classic motorcycle collar detail translated Harley’s original creation, a set of finely tailored interchangeable outfit with matching boots, amazingly-detailed accessories including a shotgun with insertable bullets, a metallic baseball bat, layered chain necklaces, a sandwich, and a figure stand with specially designed graphic cards and character backdrop.

    Share in the mayhem with the signature Harley Quinn figure for another thrilling adventure in Birds of Prey!

    #HotToys #SixScale #Collectibles #DCComics #BirdsofPrey #HarleyQuinn

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 89692747_10156966349092344_6022050946542993408_o.jpg   89267210_10156966348377344_3543199172813389824_o.jpg   89550670_10156966348702344_2667561736088846336_o.jpg  
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    Have not watched the movie, which outfit is Harley in more? This or the previous release?

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    Wahoo. This is the version I wanted. Instant first-day pre-order.

    She's in these two looks represented here for most of the movie. The first release she was only in for the third act of the movie.

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    She has this look way more throughout the film. I may get this one. Glad I didn’t get the other one.

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    Glad she has the sandwich

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    Just when I thought HT was losing steam they preview this. Much improved smiling sculpt from the Dancer Version. Still needs a bit of refinement but over all a sweet looking figure!

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    Holy crap. I haven’t seen the movie (will see it when it’s on blu Ray) but if you told me this is supposed to be Harley Quinn I’d tell you to jump in front of a moving train. Every other DC movie character actually looks the part of the comic character they are supposed to represent give or take. From the trailers I’ve seen of this movie they failed hardcore. That being said I did enjoy suicide squad look for Harley. Not crapping on anyone who enjoyed this movie, just giving my 2 cents.

    Head sculpt looks amazing though. If I don’t get the full figure I’m definitely getting this head for a custom Harley.

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    I must be in the minority. I don?t much like the sculpt and prefer the other Harley birds of prey sculpt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buttmunch View Post
    Glad she has the sandwich
    Thought the movie was mediocre and was on the fence about getting this until I saw the egg sandwich accessory. Now i want.

    Is it better to display her in the caution tape jacket or the police station look?

    The caution tape is more iconic but the police station scene was pretty cool. What?s next, a third Harley figure with the outfit from the end of the film? Hot Toys likes to milk Harley/Margot.

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