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    Just a little freaky

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    Default Re: Birds of Prey - 1/6th scale Harley Quinn (Caution Tape Jacket Version)

    The first BoP Harley out is the one that gets my money, as amazing as this one looks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rbeato View Post
    I must be in the minority. I don?t much like the sculpt and prefer the other Harley birds of prey sculpt
    I prefer this new sculpt more over the first reveal from Birds of Prey.

    But I was in the minority with liking the dancing Harley sculpt from Suicide Squad - for the record, I did not like the prisoner but loved the main Harley sculpt.

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    I love that they included the sandwich.

    I think I prefer the head from the first BoP Harley though. The expression is better, but it looks really disproportionate - exaggerated like a caricature almost. They still aren’t making her pale enough and aren’t doing her makeup right.

    Quote Originally Posted by ScoobyDoo View Post
    Holy crap. I haven?t seen the movie (will see it when it?s on blu Ray) but if you told me this is supposed to be Harley Quinn I?d tell you to jump in front of a moving train. Every other DC movie character actually looks the part of the comic character they are supposed to represent give or take. From the trailers I?ve seen of this movie they failed hardcore.
    Yeah, I agree. I’m still miffed they didn’t make her classic outfit from Suicide Squad to go with the tuxedo Joker they made.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Even the BoP roller derby outfit would be welcome, at least that has the black and red motif.
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    Definitely getting this one. Amazing head sculpt and love the accessories! Only thing I want from the first BoP Harley is the roller skates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiLJawa View Post
    Just when I thought HT was losing steam they preview this. Much improved smiling sculpt from the Dancer Version. Still needs a bit of refinement but over all a sweet looking figure!
    I agree, this one looks much better. And it's the same sculptor (Yulli) for both versions. IDK if it's the expression, the paint apps or a combination of the two, but this looks more like Margot to me. I still hate those knee joints though, and I find the size of that zipper on the caution tape jacket to be distracting. Is it ever zipped up in the movie? I'm not sure why they bothered....

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    Better than the previous one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rbeato View Post
    I must be in the minority. I don?t much like the sculpt and prefer the other Harley birds of prey sculpt
    Go read the comments on their Facebook post. You are definitely not in the minority. Head sculpt is really bad.

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    So they give us 2 Harley Quinn?s and not one Shazam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nine Inch Nails View Post
    So they give us 2 Harley Quinn?s and not one Shazam?
    Where?s Cyborg and Batmobile ?66?

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