Sorry if there's a better place for this, but general action figure posts seems as good a place as any.

I was working on customizing a phicen and made the mistake of pulling out a hand peg stem. Projects being what they are, the repair took on a life of its own in order to replace the peg into the socket and restore any degree of tightness to the socket fitting.

For those who wonder about restoring the socket, I am trying to do so with the plasti-dip used to coat tool handles for grip and placing a small amount in the cup of the socket at the bottom. I haven't finished yet, but I'll post the results when done to give any of you daft enough to do what I did some hope that stupid mistakes are reversible.

Another issue arose, however, inasmuch as trying to replace the socket created some fissures in the silicon skin.

So, here's the question: any recommendation on how to fix the tears in the skin? My thought was to use a silicon adhesive, but I thought there may be other options.

Any ideas?