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    Default Hot Toys - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse - Miles Morales Collectible Figure

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    Beyond excited that they're doing this. I thought it was a dead line after they never showed anything beyond the poster board from SDCC 2019.

    I pray that they at least do Spider-Man and Gwen the entire ensemble would be awesome.

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    and they went for the animated sculpt too. That's amazing. I'm 100% all in for this line. Day 1 order.

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    Doesn't look like interchangeable legs so the black suit can be taken off?

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    Totally unexpected but nonetheless awesome. Wow. This REALLY came out of nowhere!

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    Not a clue

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    Quote Originally Posted by MedievaL View Post
    Doesn't look like interchangeable legs so the black suit can be taken off?
    We might be getting two bodies? Looking at the back of the suit, there's no way to take it off.

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    Oh hell yes!

    Gwen must not be too far behind.

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    Definitely gonna buy this, but I really hope they improve the suit. The webbing shouldn't be raised and if really hurts the look of the suit.

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    This is one of the most unexpected and well done lines from HT so far. Scarlet, Punk and Advanced suit are all awesome and this looks great too.

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