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    Default Re: Trick Or Treat Studios: Halloween 1, 4, 5 and 2018 Michael Myers

    I paid $150 for a painted and haired head for my custom. Paying $120 for licensed, mass produced figure (that I am going to leave mint in the box anyway) is a steal. I know the figure isn't perfect, but honestly: there's been far more complaining about this figure than there has been excitement. Darn shame.

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    The hands will be replaced for sure. Not crazy how tight the coveralls are at the waist. Even if I need to replace those and a touch here and there this will be worth it considering the price. Thia might be the best mask I've seen for my personal preferences.

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    The mask looks amazing and custom ones would run around $100 so even if you get this for nothing else, you’re not over paying.

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    I can finally use my Yunsil coveralls and Fergo knife to kitbash a great Myers. I have a Madbug head, too, but having to paint and hair it has deterred me from cobbling together a custom Myers.

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    Forgot to post this! Hope it can give a little more insight to the upcoming figs!

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