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    Default Re: Prime 1 Aliens Rogue Diorama

    The crown is quite nicely done looking at that video, the base also has some really nice elements (but its stupidly big) But yeah, I don't really get this one myself either. It couldn't be much less Giger-like if it tried. There must be a market though for them to have put so much effort into this.

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    Video by MCE. Rogue Alien at 9:09.

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    Oy! This sucker is a space hog! Impressive as hell tho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greyskull View Post
    Very strange, that they did not make the Queen throne and egg sack diorama they were talking about in the past.
    I think all of us collectors are awaiting that statue. It's crazy that no one has done it.

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