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    Default Re: Birds of Prey - 1/6th scale Harley Quinn Collectible Figure

    Quote Originally Posted by Hologram AI View Post
    Who is this suppose to be?

    One of their worst sculpt imo. I don't see Robbie in this sculpt at all.

    Taylor Swift maybe ... ?

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    Collectors (yesterday): The Captain Marvel sculpt has to be the worst female likeness they've ever done.

    Hot Toys (24 hours later): Hold my beer.

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    I REALLY do not think this is as catastrophic as people are suggesting. There's people far better at these side-by-sides than I am, please keep in mind that this was done on MS paint in about 8 minutes and I'm sure there's a better BoP movie-still than the one I picked (I also had to flip over the sides of her face to make sure the shape and angle was consistent so she ends up having the heart tattoo on both of her cheeks). The one on the right might be hurting my case with how awkward it looks bc of the crossed eyes lol but at WORST the eyes on the figure are too small and the eyebrows are too thin, but there is NO way this is as awful as people are saying it is.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    i think its the best robbie sculpt yet, not a figure i plan on picking up but just watched her on the graham norton show and its pretty on point.

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    Awkward looking figure.
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    Not sold on this particular outfit. Maybe I’ll change my mind after seeing the film. I kind of like the look with the weird pom pom looking jacket more.

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    Hmm, doesn't look too bad. The crazy outfit is kinda growing on me, and I like the smirk, but she definitely needs some darker eyeliner and lips to bring out the likeness a bit better.

    Quote Originally Posted by manwee View Post
    I'm sure this varies from collector to collector but I've ultimately decided I can live with elbow joints vs seamless bodies, I'd rather be able to pose the thing how I want it to look without stressing out about particular pose ruining the rubber. I think this looks awesome, but I'm sure this will be like a mid 2021 release or something (though it could be q3-q4 2020, though I highly doubt it) so I'm hoping if anything this will make SS Harley come down in price so I can get her lol
    Agreed. I frankly wish the WW figures came with these kind of joints (or at least a switchout option), so you could actually put them in some cool poses.

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    Nah no thanks

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    Outfit is amazing. Sculpt is weird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike86 View Post
    Not sold on this particular outfit. Maybe I’ll change my mind after seeing the film. I kind of like the look with the weird pom pom looking jacket more.
    I prefer the outfit with the caution tape jacket too...

    I hope they release this version too or make a deluxe edition that includes the jacket, suspenders and boots as the rest is the same as this one.
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