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    Default Re: Speculation: Can we stop with all the speculation threads

    Quote Originally Posted by SilverStar17 View Post
    I personally don?t have an issue with them, but I can see how it can clutter up the forum when you make a speculation thread for literally any figure, even without any evidence that figure will even be made. It sort of becomes a slippery slope because you can make a speculation thread for a figure about any character:

    1/6 Jar-Jar Binks Speculation Thread
    1/6 ESB Admiral Ozzel Speculation Thread
    1/6 ESB Captain Needa Speculation Thread
    1/6 Admiral Piett Speculation Thread
    1/6 Shimi Skywalker Speculation Thread
    1/6 ANH Owen Lars Speculation Thread
    1/6 TRoS Luke & Leia Jedi Training Dual Pack Speculation Thread

    Literally anything.
    Even in the speculation thread speculation thread, cara dune gets no love?!

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    Freaked Out!
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    To be honest, I follow one or two speculation threads with interesst myself indeed. But if people start to create speculation threads based on their personal wish lists, the thread will become messy.

    Maybe we could just create a Sticky thread or a sub forum for speculations within the Star Wars-action figures thread.
    If a speculation becomes official, a mod only has to move it to the action figures thread.

    Just to keep everything better organized. Win-win for everybody.


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