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He called them clowns. The irony.

Anyway, I could see someone like that maybe having such a big ego not feel like they need protection...or maybe he's just out of touch with the real world, kind of like when Arthur asked Murray, "Have you seen what is out there? Do you ever leave this studio, Murray?" So maybe TW is overconfident or completely out of touch? I don't know.
He called them clowns? Maybe I confused that with what he called the murderer of the 3 Wall Street guys. Wasn't that a separate interview/TV appearance?

I considered that his ego was the reason, but I guess it would have worked much better for me if he was someone other than Thomas Wayne. If he was Ronald Frump, I'd have wholeheartedly embraced that scene. I guess I just didn't see the need for the Wayne family to play a significant role in the movie, especially with it supposedly being a one-off that isn't connected to the larger DCEU (if that still exists).

I must say, the more I discuss & think about Joker, the more I'm warming to it. I'm still not quite sure if I like that Phillips has left the whole reality/fantasy question unanswered. On the one hand I guess it's kind of cool the distinction is left to our individual interpretations, but I can't help wonder if maybe he did that because it was too difficult to pull off convincingly? I mean, the movie doesn't have a Verbal Kint sitting in front of a bulletin board filled with material, so including the clues necessary for us to distinguish the real vs. imagined would be a bigger challenge. IDK, maybe they're all there and I just didn't pick up on all of them during my first viewing? Should I go visit the Joker thread now and do some catch-up reading? I probably should just to spare others from my musings here.