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    Default Hello from the UK with questions :)

    Good morning all (Well morning here),

    I'm old (47) and have collected many thing since my early teens. I generally stick with orgininal fantasy and sci-fi artwork these days as well as the odd movie prob or signed poster. In the past I have collected Tudor Mint 'Myth and Magic' I still have a large collection but there no value these days but they're great to look at. I also have a large collection of first edition hardback fantasy and Sci-fi books (Alot signed).

    My hobbies these days include DIY, Metal detecting and mainly drinking!

    All that in mind as I have various bits and pieces I have collected over the years, 3 of which are old Sideshow statues which I'd like some information on as they are basically doing nothing except LURTZ who as you can guess by now sits in my fantasy themed study with lots of stuff collected throughout the years.

    The other 2 I guess are surplus to me (not a huge Marvel or DC collector) but being a great believer in not hiding items away (Like museum vaults) I have respect for serious collectors who would love to view these items (like my study) on a daily basis.

    What I'd like to know is basically what their estimated value is and where the best place to sell them is. I'm kinda assuming this site for the latter. The 2 figures I have, listed from the side of the boxes are:

    1. Premium format Ironman with fist smashing into the floor.
    2. Premium format Dr Doom sitting in a throne.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thanks for reading.



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