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    Default What's your thought on DC' Collectiables's Quality of Products?

    Hello everyone out there!

    So I've been collecting statues, figures, and props of my favorite characters since I was 14 years, so 12 years of commitment. My very first item was when DC's Toy and Collectable department was called " DC DIRECT" and I bought DC Direct bust of Harley Quinn. The quality was beautiful.

    Now since DC rebranded to DC COLLECTIABLES, I have bought a fair about of their products. Is it just me or do I find their quality of their products not as well done when it was DC DIRECT? I've bought big ticket items like statues, and I find not only the paint job of some of them are poorly done, compared to the Prototype advertised, but how easily the small parts are flimsy in how they are engineered and very easily to break?

    I find that disappointing that they release a LOT of collectibles, and I mean A LOT, that some of the concept are..... well.... mundane. Not only that, they marketed that they are LIMITED EDITION, with a very high price tag.
    Since then I have been very, VERY caution to purchase a DC COLLECTIABLE product.

    What do you guys think? Does anyone out there share the same problem I get , and if so , which collectibles are they?

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    Hello and to the show!

    IMO the quality of DC Direct was much better.

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