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    Default Studio Oz - Hot Steel Planet Sculpture

    crowdfunding page https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/h...te_edit=true#/

    I thought this might be of interest to quite a few here because well you know what planet it is

    looks like it will be around $140 shipped so a great price !! the pictures below have the windows picked out on the buildings but on the production version there is a high possability these will not be there

    the crowdfunding page should be up and running very soon so will post more details when its live


    I'm starting a new thread for this since it will now be going into mass production. This spot will be reserved for the Kickstarter link when it goes live in a few days.


    For those that don't know me (which I'm assuming is most people) I'm a sculptor and Special FX artist for the big theme parks here in Orlando. My primary job is to take images from movies and TV shows and turn them into real, three dimensional objects for the public to enjoy. But sometimes the mouse and the wizard don't always make the attractions we want to see, and so I need to go and do it myself.

    And that's how big glowy things like this happen.
    Scale reference

    This is going to be a limited run done through crowd-funding and will likely be the only time it is available. And while I may be a good sculptor, I am terrible at social media and will need everyone's help to make this happen. If you're on a Facebook, forum or other social media group dedicated to Transformers, please share the news and the Kickstarter link when it becomes active (I'll post it at the top of this thread). As of now we are tentatively scheduled to go live on January 10.

    Couple of quick details.
    1. This will be a lighted pop-art statue, not a toy.
    2. It will come with a display stand (not the same pictured) but will also be wall mountable.
    3. The size is a little over 12 inches in diameter by 6 inches deep (allow a few extra inches for the tall buildings).
    4. It will be cast in hollow and clear polyresin, lit with LEDs, and include die-cast parts.
    5. A mini satellite add-on will be available as one of the crowd funding rewards.
    6. Because the prototypes are already done and sent to the factory, we will be able to start production immediately on completion of the crowd funding campaign. Assuming the campaign is a success, these could be delivered as early as July.

    Let me know what you guys think and please leave a comment to help keep the thread from getting buried. I'll be posting more information on the rewards, status of the campaign, etc. Also, if you have a wishlist of other things you would like to see us do, please chime in.

    You can check out more of the stuff I've made on my portfolio page at http://www.studiooz.org

    I thnk this mini unicron head will be available via a higher kickstarter reward

    This is a link to the custom thread before he found a way to mass produce this cybertron plus there are loads more pictures plus a couple of video's in the thread


    This is a link to a thread for his awesome unicron head sculpture

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