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    Default Re: Predator Barbarian Mythos Legendary Scale Bust

    Quote Originally Posted by Collectorcol View Post
    When will they learn?

    Wolf 1:2 Bust. $100 off and free UK shipping... Ex still available
    it will be interesting to see if they have and revert back to polystone and decent price but I doubt it

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    I actually like this and would like to see more mythos because I sure as hell don't trust SS with film accuracy. Unfortunately for the price they'll be asking plus materials used is a killer for me. I'd rather put that money towards something from P1 or towards a custom 1/1 bust.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullsquid View Post
    It probably is, but then Sideshow would have to try for accuracy, and we know how that goes..

    Well that's true. I imagine this will be edging $700 and plastic anyway so I wouldn't have been a customer regardless...

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