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    Default Re: Sideshow Superman Call to Action Premium Format

    Quote Originally Posted by Gipetto0812 View Post
    haha same. I watched it thinking 'wow that was cool' and didn't think of coming here to post it :

    What grinds my gears is that SS (like other companies) has someone work for them who is supposed to be the liaison between the factory and SS HQ that makes the call on if the production piece is close enough to the master sample, yet so many times we get stuff that is so far off from the master. I as terrified when I order the Lex Luthor PF (my most expensive purchase at the time) but luckily it turned out better than the master IMO. It makes me wish there was a guarantee that each SS piece would come out that well.

    Yup, exactly. That frustrates me, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slynger View Post
    Overall he looks good. However, I think they went a tad overboard on the muscle tone.
    I'd agree.

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    Looks like they updated the gallery with new images. I love the packaging!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phame View Post
    Looks like they updated the gallery with new images. I love the packaging!
    Thanks for the heads up! Surprised they didn't do a "Blog" post about it. It definitely looks amazing overall! Only thing is needing to add some extra detail to the lips and maybe some gloss over the eyes when I get mine. Looks a little flat. Might change the belt buckle as well to something that looks more like a dress belt buckle than the odd rectangular one they gave him.

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    This turned out fantastic.

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    Have to agree. Came out super nice!

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    This is a really nice piece, hopefully the base is heavy to support the pose. It's minimalist at best but the rest is great

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