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    Default The Partisan - Horizon Studios

    So... has anyone seen Netflix's Money Heist or am I the only one excited here? Looks pretty good imo!

    (photos and info f/instagram) @horizon_studios_collectibles

    Click image for larger version. 

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    We are the resistance!

    When an organized band of thieves decided to commit the robbery of the century at the Royal Mint of Spain, they needed more than five months of training and preparations to succeed. To accomplish this ambitious plan, eight people had to be recruited, all with different skills and nothing to lose.

    This time, Horizon Studios is proud to present The Partisan, one sixth scale collectible figure as an exact replica of these modern-day Robin Hoods.

    The highly-accurate The Partisan collectible features the finely tailored red hooded jumpsuit that the gang wears, and the iconic mask that has now become a symbol of resistance, as well as the armament, an intricate black sports bag, a detailed assortment of currency, military boots, a wrist watch and a leather gun-holder. Every accessory, and all the equipment typical of those robbers, have been meticulously crafted in order to ensure the figure is as accurate as possible.

    Without a doubt, the collectible one sixth scale figure of The Partisan will steal a privileged space in your collection!

    What will you receive?

    -Six (6) interchangeable hands.
    -One (1) red hooded jumpsuit with working zip.
    -One (1) grey T shirt.
    -One (1) masked head sculpt.
    -One (1) leather gun-holder.
    -One (1) pair of military boots.
    -One (1) wrist watch.
    -One (1) black sports bag with working zip.
    -Eight (8) assorted bundles of Euro bills (2x500, 2x200, 2x100 and 2x50).
    -Two (2) rolls of printed currency paper.
    -One (1) belted assault rifle.
    -One (1) semi-automatic pistol.
    -One (1) custom stand with metal plaque.

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    Love the show, but don't need the figs.
    The New STAR WARS - The ability to tell a good story is insignificant next to the power of an agenda.

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    Amazing show can?t wait for Season 4.

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    I only hope there's someone working on The professor and Nairobi. As a spaniard myself, can't help it but love this show. All we had till now was a couple Funko pop and a third party lego minifig.

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    Didn't know about this series until I saw this thread.

    Because Netflix re-edited the two parts of the first season it wasn't easy making sure I had all the episodes and matching subtitles. I finally got there, settling for the thirty Netflix ones. Checking the subs for each episode gave me a snapshot of the overall series, and it looks well worth watching.

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    You won't regret it. One of the best shows of the last years imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by picosbeak123 View Post
    You won't regret it. One of the best shows of the last years imo.
    I'm putting my other watching on hold and diving straight into this series.

    The discussion about the choice of masks in the first episode was rather apt, because it means the figure looks like an anime character. Would probably make an interesting companion piece for 'V' in his Guy Fawkes mask.

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    Four episodes in and loving it.

    As for the figure I saw the price on their Facebook:

    The partisan-235 € (70 € when booking; 165 € just before shipping. Estimated production time 6-8 weeks. ) this article is part of a very limited edition. The list of deposits will remain open while you have availability.

    Shipping rates shipping
    National-10 €
    International-20 €
    255 Euros with delivery is about twice as much as the figure looks to be worth. It's very basic and not very accurate (the mask, Berlin's shoulder holster, colour of the jumpsuit).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asta View Post
    Four episodes in and loving it.

    255 Euros with delivery is about twice as much as the figure looks to be worth. It's very basic and not very accurate (the mask, Berlin's shoulder holster, colour of the jumpsuit).
    I think it is a little overpriced too. There's a small text line at the photos that says that the one shown is just the prototype. Maybe there's still time to do some tweaks. I've some friends who have already pre-ordered a few figures to do some easy customisation and make them look different characters. I can definitely see Berlin in there, but I guess I can see Denver or Nairobi too. I'll showcase mine as Berlin. Gotta love Berlin.

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    Got through the mint heist and am onto the gold heist.

    It's watchable, it starts out great but becomes more and more far fetched, and more and more soapy. You have to suspend disbelief so hard that it's easier to think of it as magical realism.

    Guns with magazines that never empty; professionals who behave like amateurs; multiple trained snipers who can't hit targets; assaulting without tear gas or flash bangs; characters becoming more and more stupid and over-emotional.

    With heist movies you're compelled to root for the robbers, but in this case I was just waiting for the police and security forces to do something intelligent.

    They spent so long dwelling on the ones who died, but I only cared about the survival of Tokio and Nairobi, and Alison and Ariadna.

    The gold heist is still watchable because of Tokio.

    With better writing this could really have been something more than a melodramatic soap opera.

    So definitely no over-priced figure for me...

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