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    Default Inexpensive bodies to use

    I?m looking for a male 1/6 body, I?m working on a custom Poe Dameron figure. I?d rather not buy a seamless 100 dollar body lol

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    Shoot, scour eBay - there are plenty on there. I've found some for 19.99-24.99. I found one so well done, that I'll probably use it for my 1/6 Liu Kang.

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    KitbashOfficer is right, eBay is a good place to find inexpensive bodies. If you want loose bodies try war-toys.com, toyanxiety.com, and monkeydepot.com. The only time I buy seamless bodies is when I want the joints to be invisible, like Roman/Gladiator figures. Hope this helps.

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