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    Default The Not Alamo Drafthouse Poster Thread

    I know Mondo is all the rave... I know they have some great prints.

    But we that love art as a whole, know there are many pieces out there.

    We that have been caught in the Mondo wave have all felt the "****** Mondo" sensation take us over !

    Well I wanted to start a thread in the same vein as the Alamo thread but different.

    And this is it. I hope it works as we come across art everyday.

    Well have it !

    Notable sites to visit often:

    Bottleneck Gallery: www.bottleneckgallery.com

    Gallery 1988: http://nineteeneightyeight.com/

    Skuzzles: http://www.skuzzles.com/

    Monkey Ink Design: http://monkeyinkdesign.com/

    Phone Booth Gallery: http://phoneboothgallery.com/pbg/prints

    Acid Free Gallery: http://acidfreegallery.com/

    Under the Floor Boards: http://www.underthefloorboards.com/

    Posters and Toys: http://www.postersandtoys.net/servlet/StoreFront

    Nakatomiinc: http://www.nakatomiinc.com/home/

    Godmachine: http://godmachinedesigns.blogspot.com/

    Signal Noise: http://blog.signalnoise.com/

    London 1888: http://london1888.bigcartel.com/
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    Goonies print.

    "Never Say Die"

    $65 ... edition size of 65


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    Maximum Overdrive

    $35 ... edition size of 200


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    Teen Wolf

    $40 ... edition size of 165



    $60 ... edition size 75


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    Buckeye Nation
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    Jun 2009
    15 (100%)
    some of the non mondo print companies have been putting out better prints than mondo recently

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    I knew you would appreciate this thread.

    I hope we can make it work.

    Too many people get Mondo cause it's Mondo.

    There is a lot of good art out there. Lets show it !

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    Coming soon from Acid Free Gallery

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    $35 ... Edition of 50


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    Good ****ing call! I am really done with Mondo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimjimmyjones85 View Post
    Coming soon from Acid Free Gallery

    Is this a series?

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