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    Default VTS TOYS 1/6 Detroit Revolution - The Negotiator (VM-028)

    The future is in front of us.

    Cyber​​Life, a world-renowned android manufacturing company from Detroit, USA, brings us their latest law enforcement RK800 android.
    With the world's most advanced technology, the RK800 will make a huge contribution to world safety.
    Compared with the previous models, the RK800 has a more durable body, more flexible joints, and a more realistic skin color. As the latest model of Cyber​​Life, the RK800 can flexibly handle all kinds of weapons, as well as sample and analyze evidence in real time, with a more intellectual and efficient operating module. All of these allows the RK800 android to serve better as assistant for police detectives.
    Of course, the appearance of the RK800 is also more sophisticated. The tailored uniform made of high-grade fabric let the public feel at ease wherever the RK800 goes.
    All of the above definitely makes the RK800 look just like human, so Cyber​​Life has customized the identifier LED at the RK800 head as a marker of android identity.
    Want to make the world a better place ? RK800 can help you.

    Choose it, choose the future.

    Comes with:
    - LED light up head sculpt
    - Highly posable body
    - 10 exclusive hand types include:
    ? a pair of clenched fists
    ? a pair of gun holding hands
    ? coin holding hand
    ? coin trick hand
    ? blood sampling hand

    - Shirt
    - Jacket
    - Tie (with tie clip)
    - Jeans
    - Belt
    - Exclusive shoes

    - Detachable Sniper Rifle
    - Detachable Magazine Handgun
    - Tropical Fish
    - Statue
    - Transparent Special Effects*3
    - Exclusive Base

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    It's amazing what VTS has been doing with game characters, Darkzone Agent > Bloodhunter > Negotiator.
    This is not something I want, but might consider getting in the future.

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    Looks great, but it really baffles me why we get this before a good classic Rick Deckard or any Deus Ex Adam Jensen at all.

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    Thank god for other 1/6 companies out there trying different things. D:BH has been one of my favorite games this year. Great accessories and diorama. I love the little pop-up text cards too!

    Also; hell yeah! I think he would look great with my Ralph
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    Weird that LIMTOYs was trying to get state interest in this exact figure. I wonder if they helped with this at all.
    "Lo there do I see a man with no munition’s to spare.
    And unto the I spoke, how do thy plan to retake Fallujah with not one spare mag."
    -Sayith our Lord Mattis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
    Weird that LIMTOYs was trying to get state interest in this exact figure. I wonder if they helped with this at all.
    Stay tuned!
    "People don't forget. Nothing gets forgiven."

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    Hype! Detroit was one of my favourite games of 2018 and I'd love to see limtoys release figures of both kara and connor!

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    Never purchased a VTS figure but this actually looks really good!!! I personally dont own any custom figures since I am always worried about issues down the road and such but this might get me to dive in after being pretty disappointed in the Geralt custom shown recently.

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    This figure looks fantastic. Great job! But honestly it's an incredibly odd choice to make a figure from this game with so many other iconic characters from bigger games that people want figures from.

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