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    Default Getting out of the hobby- massive hot toys sale- fair prices and free shipping

    After a fun few years in the 1/6th hobby I've decided to liquidate my entire collection to refocus on my other hobbies. Listed for you consideration are my remaining figures at fair prices and featuring free shipping! All figures have been briefly displayed with great care and are in excellent shape. Please feel free to reach out for questions, photos, or packaged deals. This is SaviorOfScreens, Signing off.

    Hot Toys Suicide Squad Batman: sold
    Hot Toys Tactical Suit Batman: $225 Shipped
    Hot Toys Justice League Wonder Woman Deluxe: $210 Shipped
    Hot Toys Justice League Aquaman: $210 Shipped
    Hot Toys Arkham Origins Deathstroke: $220 Shipped
    Hot Toys Arkham Joker (video game): $215 Shipped
    Hot Toys Futura Knight Batman (no box,complete): $225 Shipped
    Hot Toys Suicide Squad Tuxedo Joker: sold

    Hot Toys Spider-man Advanced Suit (confirmed preorder): $350 Shipped
    Hot Toys Scarlet Spider (confirmed preorder): $415 Shipped
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    PM sent

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