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    Default Re: Who has the Buffy sixth scale RIGHTS?

    Quote Originally Posted by DrunknIronRabit View Post
    I've talked to a friend with amazing cgi talent about redoing the gang in 1/6 for headsculpts and he's just started my buffy one. I'm sure I could get him to do them for more people if we get enough interest on board.
    Well I'd always be up for another Spike head. Spike, Angel or Wesley.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sueworld View Post
    Well I'd always be up for another Spike head. Spike, Angel or Wesley.
    Ok thanks everyone for your two cents!

    So far the Count is for:


    I know how rampant these boards used to be for the scooby gang. I have to say I'm rather surprised that there are so many that are gone. Maybe we'll see influx when the new show with the black Actress that supposed to take the helm premieres? Good to hear from you guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josette View Post
    I'd like to see Buffy figures at today's level for sure, but I've got very little faith (heh).

    A Buffy line for me is Buffy, Angel, Spike, the Scooby Gang and Faith.
    Agreed Josette. No one is going to get the license again sadly. And if they do it will be when the new show comes out with the new protagonist. And then we wont get our scooby gang but the new one. The ones that you mentioned though. Those would be it for me as well. Some of the more core members first.




    With how little have chimed in it seems like I'll be funding it most out of pocket instead of being able to show him we have so many and him be able to get us prices on everything so. Options are to continue going my route and or see what the gentlemen above with the cgi talent can do or a mixture of the two.

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