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    Default Who has the Buffy sixth scale RIGHTS?

    I know the show is older but why aren't companies doing any of these figures now? I feel like Buffy and Angel characters could sell really well if marketed correctly. The Sideshow figures were decent for their time but new versions are sorely needed. Is anybody sitting on the rights right now? I think QMX, Threezero or even Asmus would make good figures.
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    I don’t know who has the rights. Potentially still Sideshow... or no one!

    I’d like updated versions but your company suggestions aren’t that good because:

    Qmx: announces stuff but never produces them
    Three zero: see the Scully debacle
    Asmus: great clothing, less than stellar heads.

    I’d rather have unofficial figures by a company like Supermadtoys who cares about the stuff they produce.
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    Considering we arent getting any figures, nobody i guess.

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    I'd like to see Buffy figures at today's level for sure, but I've got very little faith (heh), in a a lot of the current companies that would be more likely to make them.

    With QMX, we would've have to worry about getting just a second figure after Buffy. Star Ace has fumbled so badly with the Harry Potter line. Threezero now has the Scully issue.

    A Buffy line for me is Buffy, Angel, Spike, the Scooby Gang and Faith.

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    Threezero is going super hard with Game of thrones. I think they would do the best job.

    What...what is the Scully debacle? Did the Scilly figure come out bad or something?

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    The Scully head is not scaled correctly, nor is the body, really. She looks silly next to Mulder side by side.

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    It doesn't matter if a show gets old. We see tons of shows, much older than Buffy the Vampire Slayer still get lots of product licensing. As long as there is a following, and Buffy has that in the millions, companies can still release product and make money ... as long as they are smart about it and understand their audience and its needs/wants. I would like to find out who has that license, if anyone has it now, because it would be nice to see some newer high end stuff come out on the shows Buffy and Angel. The stuff we got, the 1/6 and 1/12 inch variety that was produced years ago, was good for its time, but the high end stuff that is coming out by companies today, with digital sculpting software, upgraded machines that can get finer details out at smaller to large scales... it's a new animal from yesterday's past.

    While I don't see Hot Toys ever doing Buffy, I would love to see how SideShow's take of it now... or other companies take. I want BTVS figures that can actually stand on their own and hold good poses. Neither Sideshow's 1/6th scale line did that (most of the time their bodies would fold over, the weak ankles wouldn't hold up), and then there are those weak sculpts, scaling of accessories and clothes, to horrible base bodies, with flat paint apps... to the smaller Moore and Diamond produced stuff, that were essentially mini plastic statues. Most of them couldn't even stand properly on their bases let alone stand on their own. They also came with limited articulation.. so you were better off keeping them in their packaging. At least they displayed well. You just couldn't play or pose them. And let's face it, most of them didn't look like their real life actor counterparts.

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    I've talked to a friend with amazing cgi talent about redoing the gang in 1/6 for headsculpts and he's just started my buffy one. I'm sure I could get him to do them for more people if we get enough interest on board.

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