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    Default Flashlight Damage?

    This is probably the most ridiculous, paranoid question ever and I expect to be mercilessly mocked, but...

    Is it possible for a flashlight to potentially damage the paint job of a figure? Reason I ask is because I noticed a blemish on my figurines head that only seems visible if you shine the light at a certain angle. It seems to just 'glisten', but there is seemingly no visible damage. I had done some extensive dusting, but didn't touch the part of the figurine.

    Just wondering if my chronic light shining damaged it or if it might be some sort of mark caused by a drop of water? She's always been behind glass otherwise (even when inspecting) and is completely out of the sun. Is it possible it's just the way it's painted and I'm completely insane? It's the first figurine I had ever bought and am worried I damaged her

    Any insight would be appreciated... and sorry if this is a really stupid question.

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    Whatever it is, it's definitely not damage from the light of a flashlight.

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    Potentially... I mean, how strong of a flashlight are we talking about here?

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