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    Default 1:6 Hair cutting and styling - any experts out there?

    Hi all,
    I have made a few female customs of yet unmade characters from my beloved movies/TV shows. Some I have purchased loose heads and swapped out hair scalps on the sculpt to offer better representation of the actress, and on one occasion tried my hand at self rooting a sculpt to get the hair color I needed. However, the problem I always face is how the heck do I get the hair cut and styled so I can complete the screen accurate look.

    I absolutely dread trying cut/layer the hair myself for fear of messing up prior hours spent working the sculpt and figure to look great. Does anyone know of a talented customizer that takes commissions for just cutting/styling 1:6 hair or know of any resources (videos/guides) that takes the mystery out of layering doll hair?

    I have 4 customs I need help on right now,
    1) Atomic Blonde - Apartment fight scene (Charlize Theron)
    2) Atomic Blonde - East Germany Scene (Charlize Theron)
    3) Battlestar Galactica - Six (Tricia Helier) short promo poster haircut
    4) Mr & Mrs Smith - Tango dance scene (Angelina Jolie)
    5) Not really a full a full custom, but want a third party Black Widow headsculpt thinned out to look more like the iron man 2 movie fight scene.

    Any help/direction would be very much appreciated.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	9422B4C5-A9DE-49C4-B151-3B9191FEE15B.jpg 
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Name:	17DCD985-B853-4492-9B82-F3FD7C375181.jpg 
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Name:	C69037F5-11B3-4452-9EC8-9B275108528D.jpg 
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Name:	D386768B-14A8-4222-818F-792632936981.jpg 
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Name:	FB5F8C7E-C8C1-4C5D-9A28-480F432190F1.jpg 
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    Going to just try my local “quick cuts” if no ideas and suffer the “you want what.....” look in their face.

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    When I decided to learn how to handle haired sculpts and keep them looking ok I watched a bunch of videos on YouTube, start with “doll hair care”.

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