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    Default F/S: HT / Yunsil / Jnix Marty / metal gear kubricks

    I am based in UK -international shipping is extra, at cost.

    Jnix unpainted Marty mcfly sculpt $100

    HT coulson sculpt, and most of accessories: $40

    Yunsil Clark Kent spot $150

    Medicom NVG soldier and OD Kubrick (with box): $200 for both OBO

    Medicom ultimate Woody replica: SOLD
    Ht Marty Mcfly -most accessories/no box) SOLD
    Ganghood logan original body and customized ganghood suit with 4 sets of clawed hands: SOLD
    HT DX11 joker body: SOLD
    Yunsil Skyfall light grey deposit spot SOLD
    HT Luke Skywalker body: SOLD
    HT Indy revolver and trousers with web belt and non HT satchel (accurate but needs leather strap replacement) SOLD
    Rainman Bond ankle boots SOLD
    Yunsil skyfall tux on ht coulson body, with Evilface decaled stand and Robbie watch SOLD
    Iris Indy spot $150. SOLD
    Yunsil Superman on HT Reeve body with ex krypto chain: SOLD

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    Pm on Marty

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    ah, beat by 30 minutes on the Marty

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    Hi, what did u want for your Yunsil Superman. Tx

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    What Hot toys Body is that your using on superman?

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    Updated bump.

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    To the top.

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