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    Default Re: First 4K TV - opnions

    Quote Originally Posted by Kai View Post
    Well, Amazon had the 65" listed at $499, but apparently , from what I understand, people are saying it was from a fraudulent seller and refunds are being issued. That would of been a hell of a deal. Interestingly enough, when searing for the TCL 65R617 on google, Amazon still has it listed at $499 until you click on the link.
    That sucks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweet Rabbit View Post
    We bought a Samsung 55” 4K Smart TV in April after our old one died on Easter Sunday
    My 55" 720p plasma TV gave out on me not that long ago as well. Didn't feel so bad since I got it for free when I bought some furniture for my house. That was 10 years ago. I picked up a 75" Samsung QLED 8 series and have been blown away by the picture. Not to mention, this TV is loaded with just about everything. It set me back $2200, but man, all of my friends and family rave about it whenever they are over. I would've bought the 82" version but I couldn't fit it over my fireplace. I barely squeezed my 75" in there.

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