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    Quote Originally Posted by Asta View Post
    It's the Kaustic Plastik Manu Bennett sculpt from one of their gladiator sets:

    Attachment 471837

    I ordered a set of ankle extenders from OneSixthKit today, so the Ray Stevensons can have their boots reattached. After I ordered he said he dropped $50 of reward points into my account which is usable on in-stock items.

    So I went looking through his stock and saw the Vimal Kerketta Bernthal Punisher sculpt, which gave me an idea. I already have that sculpt with Kit's Ganghood civilian Punisher set so I tried it on one of the VTS 1.0s with the collar removed, liked it and bought another sculpt to replace the one I just removed. Since Bernthal is 5' 11" he didn't need the extra height so I could plug his ankles back in. Did the same with the Rucka style Punisher too, as it's a pain having boots that slide around every time you touch a figure!

    Cool thanks for the info. I like having different Punisher representations. I need to bash a Bernthal Version as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by punisher1974 View Post
    Cool thanks for the info. I like having different Punisher representations. I need to bash a Bernthal Version as well.
    Apart from the OSK/Ganghood/Vimal civilian version I also have the ones by Hot Toys and Toys Works. While the Toys Works is obviously inferior overall, their overcoat was actually better than Hot Toys in terms of material and fit.

    Just waiting now for the ankle extenders for the two Ray Stevensons (and the new Vimal head to go back on the civilian Bernthal).

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    Was totally expecting this thread to be about something from Ragnarok

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    Mine arrived yesterday, haven't set him up yet but he looks great in person.Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20191204_172028868.jpg 
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Size:	319.7 KB 
ID:	472437Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_20191204_172119341.jpg 
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Name:	IMG_20191204_172130390.jpg 
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    Kit's ankle extenders arrived.

    I used the second longest pieces on the Ultimate Revenger and they worked out just right to get him to Ray's 6' 3 1/4" height.

    For the Revenger 1.0 Ray I combined the two smallest pieces, which worked out slightly shorter, but that may be because I raised the head on the 2.0.

    For reference the Rucka Punisher and the Bernthal Punisher are both the stock 1.0 figure body, which are the equivalent of 5' 11". (Which also happened to be the perfect height for Bernthal).

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