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    Default Who'd Like To See A Joe Bob Briggs Action Figure?

    I was watching some of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs over the weekend, and the thought occurred to me it might be kind of cool to have a figure of Joe Bob. I know many horror fans grew up watching MonsterVision on TNT, and it's great to see him back with The Last Drive-In on Shudder. It's kind of an obscure choice for a figure I know, but I think he's been a great ambassador for the genre and deserves his own figure. Feels like it would be something up NECA's alley. He could come with a bottle of beer, his lawn chair, tv, and maybe even a light up MonsterVision sign. Probably won't happen I know, but I'm interested in other's thoughts.

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    I like this idea! Though if I got to choose, I think I'd much prefer a light-up MonsterVision sign to hang above my TV...

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    Big fan, going to meet him in July at one of his shows, so yes!

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    I would get a figure of him if one was ever made. NECA makes a lot of obscure things so I don’t see why not if they got the rights to him. I could see it as a Retro Cloth Figure.

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