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    Default Re: Banner images....YUCK.

    Well he picked a hell of a time to abandon to the site. God those are hideous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwedishHeat View Post
    Those images are affiliate links, Dave needs to ask Entertainment Earth for new products to link to.

    I'm guessing that those links aren't pulling in enough cash to keep the site afloat, hence Dave's absence from the boards since the SSC/customs fiasco.

    Unless you all want to start donating $20 per month to have great photos in the banner, I don't think those images will be replaced.
    Why would he abandon the boards if they're not bringing in enough cash? I don't know what his presence has to do with the cash influx. That doesn't make sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dukefett View Post
    Why would he abandon the boards if they're not bringing in enough cash? I don't know what his presence has to do with the cash influx. That doesn't make sense.
    He's not going to spend time maintaining the site if it's not making any money.

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    I've PM'd Dave about the issue.

    If I could make a change I would. But I can't. I would like to help out on this if Dave allowed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alatar View Post
    Suggestion: Make an announcement thread requesting that members submit what they feel are their highest quality photos of their figures to be used for the new banner images, and use the cream of the crop.
    I think this is a fantastic idea.

    Affiliate links could be posted on the home page of the board or along the sides of the various forums.
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    Honestly if premium didn't cost $25, I think more folks would bite. Drop the membership cost to $15 or $10 and you'd get more people playing ball. More premium members means more traffic, especially with the BST board. More lower cost memberships vs less higher cost ones. Seems to even out or exceed the latter. Or at least do a temporary promotion. I know it's small potatoes compared to some of the items we buy, but still.

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    Guys! I right clicked on the images and said "block" and they're gone! It might be temporary, but for now what a nice relief to not have to see them....give it a try!

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    I'm confused (?!) Everyone's doesn't look like mine??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Walker View Post
    I'm confused (?!) Everyone's doesn't look like mine??

    I thought that is the banner of Pornhub
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otomofan View Post
    Think maybe we can get rid of Marilyn Manson and Gollum yet? I'm tired of seeing their ugly faces every time I come to the site.

    Thank you!
    PM Snoopy and Darklord Dave

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