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    Default Re: MCU - Phase Four

    Films for the characters that were part of the first three phases are all I’ll still follow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SilverStar17 View Post
    Films for the characters that were part of the first three phases are all I’ll still follow.
    I have no idea what's coming, so I'll check it all out and follow what (if anything) entertains or resonates. It's kind of a blank slate post-Iron Man -- that can go either way. I'll wait and see.

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    I would think there would be another Spiderman sequel in there, as well. Hopefully, they're building to the Sinister Six, with Vulture and Mysterio.

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    All over a Shang Chi film, actually. Love martial arts.

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    Is scarlet back as black widow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by darthkostis View Post
    I'll watch Doctor Strange 2, because I like both Strange as a character, and think he's got room to grow. You can do Abstracts, Demon Lords, whatever you can think about. And with MCU Magic being a bit more "sci-fi", it's got an interesting world. It's not just cobwebs and poorly lit hallways. It's got a "clean" aesthetic that's different from the rest of the mostly bland MCU movies. You get a feeling that sure, it's magic, but it's not the same old tropes, you get me? In fact, I like that better than 616 Strange. I read his books back in the day because I liked his personality, but I never really liked magic across media. Same reason why I still haven't finished Hellblazer. I like John, but Tarot Cards and animal innards that predict the future take me out. But I like "magic" as in "the next step/plane". It's how Hickman used him in his saga and it was right up my alley, so I'm glad the MCU is more or less that. I know people hate it and wish for a more classic and "old-school" type of magic, but I like it.

    Apart from that, I'll catch GotG Vol.3 but... that's it, really. As time goes on, I find no real joy in the funnybooks, past or present, IPs or what-have-you. Phase 4 is just the leftovers, and I find nothing worth liking in those lists. Phase 5 and onwards will be Muties. And God, do I loathe the Muties. I liked them back in the day. Bright costumes mixed with tacticool, weird sci-fi and hawt babes. You had the Brood, the Shi'ar, Mojo, Clones, AUs, Ancient Aliens, Space Gods and all that. But somehow, eveyone just wanted to be "mature", so they took a poorly thought-out concept, and ran it to the ground. They got so far up their own asses with their "allegory", that the books became unreadable from the 2000s and on. You'd be lucky to get one or two sci-fi stories per year across all X-Books. The rest are "sure I hit 15 and then burned down the school because I got an erection, but **** YOU AVENGERS YOU ****ING NAZI SCUM **** REGISTRATION MUUUUUUUUGAAAAAAAAA" ad infinitum. And heck, even in their heights it was just a soap opera with a thousand spin-offs that repeated the same stories in the span of a year, mixed with Claremont's fetish of the week and wordswordswordswords. The only characters I still liked by the start of this year, were Fantomex (I used to watch a lot of French stuff because of my folks, so I liked his faux-French persona, and plus, he was a cyborg master thief with a cool costume; I enjoyed the weirdness) and Jean Grey (she was a beautiful redhead who was pure and sweet and kind but also wasn't some civvie or boring "pew pew" character), but they went ahead and dropped a nuke on her (hint; she became a slut of the highest caliber) so...

    Anyway, I'm rambling again. All I'm trying to say is, I stopped watching those flicks back in 2016. I fast-forwarded through the next because I cared about Iron Man. With the whole old guard gone, I'm not interested in anything new. Especially since "holier than thou and unreasonable ****s who are also walking WMDs" are the next "Big Thing". I'm more excited for the tv shows on Disney+ or whatever the hell they're calling their streaming platform. Call me when they make a proper Punisher show or movie. I guess the F4 movies might be good if they don't ruin them with any awful casting or stories. Same goes for Silver Surfer, or Nova, in case they make that.

    Spoiler Spoiler:
    You're back. So you dont care abut Dr Doom in the mcu?

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    Yes. She will star in and produce the movie.

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    I'll watch them, but The Avengers series, The Infinity Saga... whatever you want to call it is finished, so I don't see me continuing my MCU Hot Toys collection (there are always exceptions, but that's the plan)
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Clown Prince of Crime View Post
    You're back.
    Eh, not really. I just check out some threads once in a while. Not a whole lot of fee time left.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Clown Prince of Crime View Post
    So you dont care abut Dr Doom in the mcu?
    Well, like I said, I'm pretty disinterested in anything comic book related these days. It happened with videogames back in 2011 or so (I buy stuff during the Steam Sales, but to this day, I haven't played anything more than 40 minutes, and in all these years, that's happened about 4 times at best), and it's the same thing here. I can't find any motivation to go through my backlog, I've trimmed my pull list to ~30$ and I'm just waiting for the books I'm subscribed to to finally end so that I can be "free". It all just seems hollow. Like something that I should've cut out a long time ago. So much time wasted on worthless rags. It's almost comical. Time that could've been spent on my work, on me, just... wasted. Completely wasted.

    As for Doom, I just sat there and thought about it, and if you remove the cool costume, he's not that interesting of a character. To me at least. He's got a lot of traits tied to his origin that I simply can't stand anymore. And beyond that, the arrogance and the feats start getting tiring after a while. As a kid I was caught up in the "muh badass anti-villain" act, and kept liking him over the years due to that and nostalgia. As a teen, the whole "me just wanna save da world because I'm da smartest" thing was appealing. But it grew as annoying as the Muties chimping out and then going "we dindu nuffin" every 5 issues. I've tried getting back into them multiple times over the years, but it's just a feat I'm not capable of. So many issues, so many spinoffs, so many characters and repeated plotlines. So many hamfisted and idiotic allegories. And I'm the type of guy who's "all or nothing". So whereas a normal person would read whatever runs interest them, I put together 200GBs of X-Men, and then tried to go through them chronologically. I couldn't, and now I dislike runs I previously liked, like Morrison's, just by association. It's a weird mentality, but I can't shake it off. Otherwise I'd read those 3 or 4 runs, like those 10 characters, and been content. But if I hate one thing, I hate everything. Sometimes I can look past it (I hate Rhodes as a character, but still like Iron Man and his books), but most of the time I just can't. Maybe one day... I guess it stems from me not accepting the story and wanting to have it be the way I want it to be. Something like the X-Men just irks me because there's tons to be done with the property, but it's all wasted.

    Back to Doom, he's essentially the NWO but somehow worse. And the fact that people like him precisely because of that (see CBR, Reddit or ComicVine), just severed any remaining links I might have had with him. "Oh yeah, Daddy Doom is gonna give us all NEETbux and make the world one and we'll reach the stars and ****; how I wish he was POTUS" and all the rest. But what got to me was how he was supposed to be "sympathetic"... He's still got a cool look and potential as a scientist sorcerer king, I just don't really "care" at this point. And that extends to most characters. Like I said, I have a huge backlog. There are books I theoretically "like". But I can't bring myself to start reading them. Same goes with shows. I'm just rewatching Mad Men and finishing Person Of Interest. Fiction just does nothing for me anymore, no matter the genre. There are a few shows I'm still interested in (God knows how I'll watch whole seasons of them when I can't sit through a 20 minute episode these days), but they're "down to Earth". Best case scenario I'll like the costume/look of a character and want to buy the figure.

    Anyway, I'm rambling again. But in all honesty, I'm "looking forward" to nothing. I haven't seen a film in theaters since 2016. For Endgame, I just skimmed the spoilers online. I haven't bought a comic book that I read immediately; most I let gather over a few months, then speedrun them and put them in the boxes. It's all just... meaningless and boring. I suppose that's why people stop with such childish things early. They remain happy memories filled with only the most "important" bits. They get out before they start noticing all the flaws. Before they waste time and money into them. Before they notice the cycles. And thus they're left with those few, precious characters and stories. But the more you continue, the more you lose. It's funny really, a sort of concurrent destruction across all time periods.

    EDIT: However, if they mix 616 & 1610, and make him a "modern day Dracula" with a look like this, I'll be interested:

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    The Eternals are a must. Watch it or else.

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