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    Default Re: God of War PS4 - Kratos 1/6 Figure - Mondo - Available 4/29

    This is the first figure where they use actual mixed media. All the rest have been plastic and rubber. Maybe Skeletor has a cloth cape but don't care to look for it.

    I have seen that some guy from Mondo comunicated with fans in the Mindo TMNT days.

    I do not know if he still does.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadpool_jlp View Post
    I really want this figure as I suspect its going to be the only 1/6 Kratos we get of this quality. But man that screaming head looks absolutely terrible. Looks likes hes yawning, not screaming. Never bought something from this company before so not sure how well they handle feedback and are likely to change it.
    That's a perfect description of that head.

    At this price point this figure is a pass for me.

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    Kratos is now available to PO at SS, in case anywhere prefers them over BBTS or ordering directly from Mondo:


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    He looks good at the con. The rage head still looks goofy at the mouth though.

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