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    Default Re: Iron Studios Captain America 1/4 Legacy Replica - Avengers End Game

    Quote Originally Posted by Sassafras View Post
    On mine one red strap looks red, but overwashed with brown, like other places on the piece. Whether SA or not, I don't care about the blue strap - it's neatly done and figure IS was working off whatever production images they had. *shrug*. I remain very very very happy with this piece!
    I actually prefer the look of the blue on brown strap even though it isn't screen accurate. The contrast gives the impression that the brown portion is leather, while the blue portion is cloth. I dig how it looks, which is good because I'm too chicken to try a re-paint

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    Quote Originally Posted by DFanatic View Post
    It's true, they messed up. I think everybody got tunnel vision and was looking at the main strap, which Btw, I hadn't noticed it wasn't brown/leather like in the movies!! Not gonna lie, that's a bummer. I can't help to wonder what it would look like it they were the same color as in the movie. I think it would add an awesome contrast to all the blue. Anybody here down for a repaint?

    What the F-ing F! I didn’t even notice that. I absolutely still love this statue but that’s a huge miss on this. It’s front and center too that what really sucks. Oh well. What do you do. At least it’s not a hard fix. Just paint it brown I guess if you know what your doing.
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    I think when I get a replacement I'll paint the straps brown.
    I do want to get one with the matching red stripes though, there's so much red on it that I don't want to get the colour wrong or repaint the lot because the battle damage won't be contiguous with the fabric next to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sara_au View Post
    I think when I get a replacement I'll paint the straps brown.
    Post pics when you do!

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