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    Default Re: Hot Toys Avengers: Endgame - Iron Man

    Quote Originally Posted by Skillerwhale View Post
    You would have complained wither way.
    Nah...I actually haven't complained about the whole clean/dirty Mk 85 ordeal specifically...but I do always call out HT for their scheisty tactics.

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    I have both clean and BD figures on preorder. Even though BD version is also amazing and iconic, I love this armor design so much that I need the clean version too so I can display it in all its glory, not kneeling and full of battle damaged parts that cover much of its beauty.

    Despite being expensive, I think that displaying both is the perfect option.

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    Think I may have decided I don?t need this armour... and that just the Mk7 may suffice...

    It may hinge on what Endgame Thor looks like and if I then choose to go for the trinity set instead of what is otherwise one figure per character.

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    Wow...that just looks amazing! Glad I have the clean and dirty on pre-order. Can't wait to own both!

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    Looks awfully pinheaded. Moreso than before. But still need to account for distortion and all that.

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    The head size looks fine to me, but those shoulders are definitely waaaay too broad. Unfortunately I really doubt it'll get corrected for the final figure.

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    I personally can?t understand any of the proportion debates with this figure, looks great to me. The shoulder?s appeared to ?hug? the upper arms on the actual suit, but that?s only because they were nanotech and all one form-fitting piece, whereas this is a separate shoulder piece.

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    Looks great! Thanks for sharing the pics!
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