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    Default Re: MANY OR ONE - HOT TOYS vs NECA (Are you feeling the same?)

    It has been “zero” action Figure purchases for me so far in 2020. There are a couple of NECA ultimate’s (ie Slender Man, Pinhead etc) that I would love in my collection but don’t have the desire to pay just shy of $50 CAN for them (too much even to temp temptation). On the HT front I passed on TLJ Kylo deal, Deluxe r2, Bespin Leia. But honestly they are tier 2 or 3 releases for me and again no desire to drop $350 Canadian.
    Current HT catalog has nothing for me of interest so I’m going to sit on the sidelines and watch you young kids make the purchases!!!

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    I haven't purchased anything so far this year, but I'll be getting ROTS Obi-wan later today in the mail. I have a couple Neca figures, Kratos and the Crooked Man. They're cool and all for the price, but I think I'd rather pay more for a higher quality figure.
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    So far, figures none. Couple Pop’s and some new Warhammer kits, but outside of Mezco’s John Wick and Moon Knight preordered, nothing is tempting me anymore. Debated the HT Mando, but said meh after further debate.

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