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    Default Re: Asmus Toys: Galadriel

    Oh I just want a good HS, just like the Hot Toys Hela, but with rooted hair!

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    Quote Originally Posted by asgardianboy View Post
    In 2 years time, when your Galadriel crumbles to the ground into pieces of rubber, you will be able to buy a Phicen body to replace it, for very little money.
    In the meantime, you will have enjoyed a figure that has arms that do not constantly remind you that you are starring at a piece of plastic.
    It is worth it.
    Zero interest in spending cash to replace bodies that don?t last.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfBoy View Post
    Zero interest in spending cash to replace bodies that don?t last.
    I am not fully sure of just how much Phicen bodies last. They might last way more than 2 years. I got that figure out of thin air.

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    I’ve had TBL bodies from almost the very beginning, and I haven’t had any skin tear issues (broken plastic skeleton when they still made them that way).

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    It would be nice to see the sculpt and the outfit from more angles. At least in new teasers.

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    Have there been any previews of this figure yet? I didn't catch any in this thread.

    Definitely would like a LOTR version as opposed to "The Hobbit" version. And I'm in the seamless arms group.
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