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Thread: UK Collectors

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    Default UK Collectors

    Hi guys, we have just moved to a bigger house, so I get a statue room.

    Iam looking for Bestas to display 1/4 and 1/6 scale statues in.

    Looking on the IKEA site, it's not clear which Besta units are best to use for this purpose.

    I'm looking for white bestas. Any links would be appreciated!

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    Depends I would give the cubes a miss as they are a WEE smaller when it comes to height. All the others are pretty much the same. If your going for white then I suggest trying out the Stuva range as they are 10 cm deeper and the Besta doors will fit on them as the dimensions are the same.

    Check out this thread for inspiration

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    go for PAX imo if you go bigger, you will need them

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    Stuva seem ideal but can't believe they don't come in black!

    Also there aren't any doors for pax that would work for a display. Not that besta have a great choice either ...

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