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    Default no SDCC Foto´s from the James Bond show box?


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    Morgan the Raider
    I asked a Sideshow rep during the chat and he didn't know if anymore Bond was planned. Not knowing isn't a good sign. I think it's over.

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    I asked Chris in chat this morning and he could nt tell me anything either.He said that he and Amy(whoever she may be)were fans of the licence however.Bond has a lot of fans in the Sideshow heirachy.I spoke to Brant earlier in the year on chat and he told me that another figure would be revealed later in the year.

    I do nt think it s dead,because they have nt announced the end as they did for the LOTR/Weta partnership,and they KNOW theres still a ton of figures to do.Could be it s taking a mild hiatus,as did the Buffy line which took a three year break before coming back en masse.Or maybe they re saving something special for the release of "From Russia with Love" in November.

    It s annoying though.I d like to hear something for definite,one way or the other.It s the least we deserve.

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    I completely agree - just four words on the Sideshow Bond page would do it - JAMES BOND WILL RETURN!

    Just give us some information -tell us if the line is alive or resting, or dead - tell us if we can expect more product next year to coincide with Casino Royale - tell us why you made a load of Bond figures from crappy films first (Man With The Golden Gun, Licence to Kill) instead of a Thunderball jetpack Bond and FRWL set with Red Grant; tell us we're getting a FRWL set to coincide with the game, and Bond will have a voicechip voiced by Sean Connery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just talk to us! Because at the moment, do we expect you to talk, Mr Brant? No, we're expecting the line to die!!!!!!!


    You make me feel so @#%$ angry, you with your Legend busts and maquettes and signed Star Wars books......where's my Donald Pleasance as Blofeld figure?????? Eh? Eh? Why don't you come over to Britain, so I can ram your poncey 1:1 Endoskeleton whatever thingy right up your arse? It's simple - here's a DVD of Thunderball, here's a pause button, this is the scene where Bond wears one of his coolest gadgets - a rocket belt - here's a game coming out this year where Connery's Bond wears said rocket belt - over there you'll find lots of free publicity - here's a scalpel and lump of sculpy - NOW GET A BLOODY MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad I got that off my chest.

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    That was the funniest post i ve read in ages Airbond-many thanks for a much needed laugh!I m so glad i got to see it in all it s magnificence before it gets edited.

    That game is really shaping up to be something else is nt it.I m hoping it ll even surpass Goldeneye.It s certainly got the potential.

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    Morgan the Raider
    Kudos, Airbond. You voiced all of my frustrations perfectly.

    I'm going to hold out hope that we'll see more Bond later this year. Frankly, it would be a silly move on Sideshow's part not to take advantage of the FRWL videogame. May goodness, what publicity they can get then.

    Let's try to keep the Bond discussion going. Show Sideshow that there is still much interest.

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    I agree airbond! Where are the Bonds we want? Perhaps we should use the technique to obtain the information favored by Mr. Largo: some ice cubes and a cigar, one for heat, one for cold, applied scientifically...

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    There isn't much demand for the 12" license for any of the properties SSC is doing, so even if it expires there wouldn't really be a problem renewing it. The SSC/Weta partnership for LotR things was unique and that's why it got a "end of line."

    Why let them close the door on any of the licenses? If they make an announcement "it's dead" then it's just embarrassing for them to then come back with new figures. Much better for it to lie dormant and bring out a new figure every now and then.

    I love Bond and would like to see more figures made, but it does seem that there just isn't a large enough of a demand for any characters except Bond himself. They're still giving away figures right and left just to get them out of the warehouse.

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    Morgan the Raider
    Of course they didn't have to give figures away from the Connery movies, for the most part. Those all sold very well. A little more forethought into what they made would help a bit.

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    They didn't give any away to me.
    I think there is still hope for some more 1/6 Bond figures. Sideshow knows that they can't leave the line without giving us a Jet Pack Bond. We'd kill them for doing that to us.

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