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    Default Cinemaquette T-850

    Got email stating it will be up June 24 at 9am pst.

    Anybody planning on getting this one?

    It's going to take Indy or Jack Sparrow to draw me in, but these things do look amazing.

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    Anung Un Rama
    I got my email, wasn't it just newsletter subscribers who got? Whats the LE, could sell out quickly because of the popularity of the TX

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    I got the email as well...

    The 1,000 TX's sold out?

    Amazing quality but no can do...my wallet is having an affair with sideshow and only siseshow this year.

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    TX is not sold out.

    I am REALLY thinking about getting the T-850. There is a 90% chance I am going to buy it. It's an amazing piece and look just like AHNULD!

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    I got the email but have they finalized a price yet? I'm now in a situation where I could get it, but considering the scale, I'd kick myself if SSC brought out a 1/4 right after.

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    I agree, I want it but would prefer 1/4 from Sideshow....hurry and announce SOMETHING new!!!

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    Azog of Moria
    Yes, best hold off til SDCC...could bring all kinds scaled goodness

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    I want this piece SOOOO badly, but I just can't afford it right now. Gruson, if you get the MR AT-AT 2 and this, then I will officially be green with envy.

    I'm seriously thinking of selling off a great deal of my collection in a year's time and only collecting true high-end works of art like:
    1. Cinemaquette line
    2. MR helms, EE sabers, and studio scale vehicles
    3. SS 1/4 SW line
    4. SS lithos and art
    5. SS/W rider and steed pieces + Sauron

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    That is EXACTLY what I did. I sold off my entire LOTR collection and other figures/statues/busts earlier this year.

    I now really only collect:

    1. Sideshow 1/4 line from my favorite movies
    2. Horse and rider series from LOTR and Sauron of course
    3. Cinemaquettes once they release the ones I want...
    4. Few MR pieces like AT-AT and the Falcon next year
    5. Few Attakus pieces (1/5 scale is as small as I will go)

    That's it...I still have some 12 inch Sideshow pieces I need to get rid of.

    Yes, I still plan on buying the AT-AT, Arnold T-850, and my Queen Aliens bust will be here soon.

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    Yes, I still plan on buying the AT-AT, Arnold T-850, and my Queen Aliens bust will be here soon.

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