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    Default Re: MARVEL Future Fight - 1/6th scale The Punisher (War Machine Armor) Collectible Fi

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    No pic beside MK1 yet
    Attachment 486396

    Yes another incredible shot by Yoshi ...always bringing cool poses and great photos!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chiefrocka View Post
    I want to use this head for a comic punisher custom. Anyone know where I can find parts? Like the vest, cargo pants etc

    Yeah I'm thinking of doing the same, I even bought a Sideshow 1/6 Punisher long sleeved shirt and pants, may have to find a good body for it since it has the sculpted neck.

    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    No pic beside MK1 yet
    Attachment 486396

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    Really enjoying this figure even though he does NOT fit in my collection at all

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    i just got mine. this is the best IM armor of all time. it is just amazing. bra-vo Hot Toys!
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    Really is a fantastic looking figure. Like many others, though, I try to stick to the main movie suits. Hard to resist for sure. I suppose I could sell my die-cast Mk 2 Iron Man SE and pick this up instead...

    Wonder what the upcoming Endgame Don Cheadle sculpt would look like on this figure.

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    I have too low of a post count to quote a link.

    But in regard to the peoplr talking about the Mad Skull set being sold by Giantoy.

    I received it recently. It's okay. Nice sculpt except for the gaping hole with no real adapter.
    The guns are okay quality and the clothes won't fit a muscle body.

    That said, with this set, the Warmachine Frank sculpt and a bit of work you coulf make a nice Punisher.

    Being the weirdo that I am. My Punisher Warmachine has to stay together.

    Personally for me, out of the non mechanized armored Punishers in 1/6, the best looking is the VTS Revenger.

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    Finally had the time to unbox this and no regrets whatsoever! Hop off the fence if you are on it, buying this secondhand after it has sold through is going to be stupid expensive.
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    I have one final payment for both this Punisher War Machine and also the Hot Toys Mk 4 from Sideshow. It is going to be a good day when I receive both of these at the same time. 😎 I have a feeling this Punisher is going to blow away all the Hot Toys Predator figures I have.
    After seeing these beautiful pictures posted I now know I am going to have something wonderful to look forward to. 🐉🏰
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    Quote Originally Posted by RealSarahdactyl View Post
    Well, if I may suggest some films.

    The three different Punisher films are worth watching. Dolph Lundgren in 1989, is okay. A few naked, "sitting in the sewer" weird scenes.

    The 2004 Thomas Jane Punisher is entertaining but a little hokey. I mean, Frank isn't how I want to see Frank on screen.

    Warzone from 2008 is one of the best. Sure they villains are a bit poorly done, but it's the most bad ass punisher in my opinion.

    I cannot speak to the show as Jon Bernthal as the Punisher was so unappealing to me. They guy just feels like The Walking Dead Shane stuck on repeat.

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    I agree. I just finished watching the 2 seasons of Netflix Punisher. I don't understand how Punisher fans can like the Bernthal version. As an actor, he certainly commited himself to the role. But the character was portrayed as a marine with extreme PTSD. Constantly grunting and mumbling, and yelling. In the comics, the Punisher is cool, calm, collected, a master strategist, and just deadly. The Bernthal version wasn't even that deadly. He only won out most of the time because he could take more damage. Constantly getting captured and beat up, and stumbling away grunting, limping, and bleeding. He's like the movie versions of Wolverine. He only wins because he can survive constantly getting his a$$ kicked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    No pic beside MK1 yet
    Attachment 486396
    Hey Yoshi, any chance you can post a pic with War Machine Mark 1, Mark 4 and Punisher War Machine?

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