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    Default Re: Hot Toys 1/6 Captain Marvel

    Sculpture hair

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    I guess her hair is just short enough in the movie to get away with sculpted hair and still allow movement for posing purposes. But once again this seems to demonstrate that there's no rhyme or reason behind how HT decides between sculpted & rooted.

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    Oh, man, I hope they nail that dead-eyed expressionless face of hers...

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    When will we see the rest of the photos?
    When will she go up for PO?

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    Sculpted hair = buy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malgus View Post
    Sculpted hair = buy!
    Agreed, hopefully they will include a helmeted headsculpt with light up eyes and light up fists to go BINARY!

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    Not sure why some are sad about sculpted hair. Look at the infinity War black widow with short rooted hair. Looks like garbage ruining what is otherwise a great figure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellgrammite00 View Post
    I don't buy female figures almost exclusively because of rooted hair. Doesn't look good, and more like barbie dolls. The GOTG2 Gamora will be the one exception. The sculpted hair by Hot Toys is generally excellent and very detailed. If they can nail Bucky and Loki regarding hair, they can nail Captain Marvel.
    I love rooted hair because if you’d an actually fix it, it’ll look way better than sculpted. Wanda and Civil War Widow for example look so much better with rooted hair

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    Sculpted hair is always better than rooted. Rooted=expensive barbie, sculpted is more action figurey.

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