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    Default FS - Many Hot Toys Marvel - Getting Out of the Game Sale!

    Well, after much contemplation, I've decided to sell off my entire Hot Toys collection. For many reasons: Dwindling interest, lack of drive to keep up with future releases, etc. Plus I need the shelf space for different figures, and to be honest, I've always been terrified of posing my Hot Toys figures, so I'm making the switch to something more dynamic; Marvel Legends or Mezcos or Figuarts, something of that nature.

    All of my figures were used for display only, in a smoke and pet free home. I've only ever kept them in museum poses, and I have all the accessories and original packaging.

    I'm open to reasonable offers and will offer discounts for those who buy multiple figures.

    Shipping only within continental United States. Feel free to PM for pics of any figures. So without further ado, here's what I have.

    - Age of Ultron Captain America (One of the straps on the boot covers is broken on one side, but other than that' he's fine. A drop of super glue will fix it right up.) - $245

    - Avengers 1 Iron Man Mark 7. (Original plastic version) - $250

    - AoU Thor - $265

    - Avengers 1 Hulk - $310 (Sold!)

    - Civil War Black Widow - 285 (Sold!)

    - Civil War Hawkeye - $245 (Sold!)

    - Infinity War War Machine 4 (Sold!)

    - Civil War Falcon - $520 (Sold!)

    - Exclusive New Avengers Scarlet Witch - $330

    - The Vision - $240

    - Dr. Strange (Original 2016 version) - $220

    - Civil War Black Panther - $195

    - Infinity War Winter Soldier - $225 (Sold!)

    - Homecoming Spider-Man (Original 2017 version, Stark suit, regular edition) - $315

    - Star-Lord (Original 2014 version, with additional 2017 version jacket) - $255

    - Gamora - $235

    - Drax - $295

    - Rocket (2014 version) -$135

    - Groot (2014 version) - $175

    - Avengers 1 Nick Fury - $215

    - Dark World Loki - $220

    - Ultron Prime - $250

    - Guardians of the Galaxy Thanos with throne - $260

    I also have some Thinkway Toys Toy Story stuff that I'm looking to sell too. Might not be the best place to post it, but I figured it was worth a shot. None of the original boxes/certificates are included, but their condition is very good, unless otherwise noted. Batteries not included. Everything's listed as follows:

    Toy Story Collection Woody (Original 2009 version) (Note: I clipped the stitching holding the vest down for some reason back in the day, can't remember why! But everything else is fine.) - $60

    Toy Story Collection Buzz Lightyear (Original 2009 version) (Note: Helmet has been removed. I still have the helmet and can easily include it, but honestly, he looks better without it.) - $60

    Toy Story Collection Jessie (Original 2010 version) - $60

    Toy Story Collection Bullseye (Original 2010 version) (Please note: The posts on the stand have snapped, and are broken. - $60

    NOTE: I'm actually hoping to sell Woody, Buzz, Jessie and Bullseye as a set and will do so for $210

    Toy Story Collection Rex - $310 (This one actually does have the box, but it's a little worse for wear.)

    Toy Story Collection Mr. Potato Head - This one's a bit different. All parts and pieces are included and the electronics work, but I've removed the "legs" and secured the feet to the stubs for a much more accurate look. Also included are a set of separate eyes and eyebrows purchased from a third party. Altogether, everything looks great, and much more screen-accurate than the stock version. - $315

    Thanks for looking!

    P.S. Please note: At this time, I am not really looking to make any trades. Thank You.
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