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    Default Re: Hot Toys -MMS 517- Episode VI ROTJ Luke Skywalker Collectible Figure (DELUXE VERS

    Yeah, that looks quite good indeed!

    I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies.

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    Looks good! With no bespin han, this luke is getting my gift card.

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    It’s a pointless exercise, but it really makes me wonder if Hot Toys will release a speeder bike.

    A Scout Trooper at *some* point seems inevitable, the bike not so much, although they made one for Maul his is smaller...

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    Thanks for the pictures! Though would love to see him with the shawl off to see if the tailoring has improved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neb View Post
    That sculpt actually looks very good with the hat on.

    Looking forward to this guy as someone who missed out on the original ROTJ release. Will probably try to pick up a regular release head though at some point
    The original release is still available actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike86 View Post
    The original release is still available actually.
    I guess I should have said those who passed on the original lol. This release looks like a much better bang for the buck at this point.

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    Damn was happy that I wasn't going to get this because it looked crap, now with the latest picture here, I'm second guessing myself.....my poor wallet

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    Just got Sideshow update. Final payment moved from August 5 to September 5 for me.

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